You’re a photographer? What do you do all day, take photos?

Photography for little people by Derek. Birmingham newborn baby photographer

Well no, that’s just a small part of my job. Today, I have been taking some beautiful printed images and detailed hand impressions and mounting them in bespoke frames for my customers. Music on in the background, singing along and thoroughly enjoying myself. Feeling incredibly proud and thinking just how thrilled my clients are going to be with their finished products hanging on their walls.

It got me thinking about those photographers who take stunning photographs and then sell all of the images on a USB. When will their clients sit back with a cup of coffee, look up at the wall and admire the amazing imagery they have created? When will their clients take out the family album and share the photos with their children, grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren? When will someone walk into their clients’ home and say “Wow! Who took that photograph?”

In 2020 there will be a little under 1.5 trillion digital photos taken, that’s 1,500,000,000,000 photos sitting on mobile phones, hard drives and USBs.

It worries me that so much of our family history is being lost. We all have CD-ROMs knocking about the house packed full of photos yet very few computers are sold with CD-ROM drives to access them. The USB is no different as it is changing at a rapid pace and we are faced with having to buy adapters to read the information on them because the size of the connection has changed! In time, will they be confined to a drawer with our family’s images lost forever? That’s why I’m so passionate about the printed image and displaying it for friends and family to enjoy.

So no, I don’t take photos all day. I would describe my photography as ‘capturing and transforming memories into cherished keepsakes and wall art that can be shared and appreciated for years and years to come’.