Working safely under COVID restrictions

Photography for little people by John. Newborn photography and Family photo shoots across Leeds and Bradford

2020 has certainly been a strange year for all of us. When I think back to January and the first reports of a strange new virus called COVID-19, little did I realise just how it would impact on all of our lives. It wasn’t as if it was the first time that we’d seen outbreaks like this, so like most people I didn’t really give it much thought to begin with. Fast forward a couple of months and there was talk of lockdown, businesses shutting, home schooling, and life as we knew it going on hold for the foreseeable future.

Lockdown was an interesting experience for us with two small children at home as it was for many parents across the country, so getting the green light to re-open in July came as a welcome relief, but it was clear that it was not going to be ‘business as usual’.

Working as a Leeds and Bradford photographer in other peoples homes around has always presented its own set of unique challenges long before COVID with health & hygiene high on the priority list, so on first inspection the guidelines for working in other peoples homes didn’t seem like they would be too much of an issue to get to grips with.

I soon found however that the reality however was a little different when I peered through the viewfinder at my first baby photography shoot back after lockdown, and was confronted with grey fog as the camera misted up (due to my face mask) and I was unable to see anything. Photography was only possible when I held my breath, and my (one size most definitely does not fit all) protective gown meant I couldn’t raise my hands above my shoulders and felt like my own personal sauna.

Despite these difficulties I did eventually get used to things & it was great to be back at work doing what I love. It’s also given me a newfound appreciation for all those healthcare workers working under worse conditions, for far longer periods than I do.

Now we’re in the middle of lockdown take 2 there is a small glimmer of hope that we might get back to normal (whatever that is) some time next year, but one thing that will never change for me is the importance I place on health & safety to help keep you and your little ones safe during your photoshoot.