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Why I don’t like to sell Digital Images only

Photography for little people by Sue. Newborn photography and Family photo shoots across Reading.

I have had so many clients over the years ask me for replacement digital images even after several years after their session because they have lost theirs and did not print the pictures. But of course I have done this myself too…at times I have been so lazy printing my own pictures. Why didn’t I? ….Well because I told myself ….‘I'll do it sometime soon”, …..

“ tomorrow ?!” but all the time I was relying on technology to hold onto my precious pictures.

I hope that no one puts all of their trust in me to keep their sessions forever, and I also hope that you don’t put all of your trust in your computer or USB before printing your pictures out.

You have probably wondered why my digitals are the most expensive thing I do ?.....


Firstly digital files can be printed time and time again. Unlike other artists i.e musicians and actors they get paid for every time their work is played or shown. I get paid once but my work can be replicated many times over.

You can guarantee your prints and wall art will last a lifetime you can’t guarantee the same with a digital file as you don’t know where they will be printed?

Digital files are intended for temporary archival purposes and for immediately sharing with friends and family. But they are not created to last forever, they are not an heirloom, they are definitely not the best purpose for your beautiful pictures.

Aside from that they are destructible on a grand scale. If a print gets messed up, only that print gets messed up.

BUT if your hard drive or USB of your pictures gets messed up – that entire Collection of images gets messed up. They also may not be useable in years to come.

-Images used to be provided on a CD , laptops now do not have a disc drive and some laptops now need adaptors for the use of USB’s …….technology is always changing!

Today it is more difficult to get an image from a roll of film than it was just a few years ago. However, if you damage a roll of film, most images will be unusable, just as it would be if you damaged your USB. However, we still have prints available from over 100 years ago.

Most of my work is a finished piece of art which will remain on your walls for years to come as a timeless memory . Of course you can still have your digital images to immediately enjoy and share with your friends and family. If you have pictures sitting on your desktop that have never left that safe haven, please print them soon. You absolutely will not regret it.

I promise ❤️

To book your shoot with Sue at the Photography for Little People drop her a message here.

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