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What to wear for Outdoor photo sessions

For many families, a spring photo shoot is a popular option. The Blossom, daffodils and magnolia make such a beautiful backdrop. These spring portraits look so beautiful in light and airy interiors, what a great way to inject some personality in the living space.

For most of families who booked the springtime outdoor family photo shoot, one of the common questions that you might want to ask is ‘what should we all wear?’. Almost every family that I took photo sessions before, they shared the same question. It’s totally understandable, not only the investment you have made to create these beautiful memories in photos, also the experience at photo day that you and you families would like to enjoy.

Here are some basic principles I would suggest how to choose outfit for the outdoor session regardless the season.

  1. Dress everyone in your family for the same weather and occasion

  2. Ensure the little one’s clothes fit well

  3. Different layers and select some different textures.

  4. Only around 3-4 different colours on everyone

  5. Avoid slogans on any clothing

  6. Dress for the location.

In terms of the location, what spring locations can you choose from? I will update another blog soon to give you brief list of locations in Edinburgh that you could pick from. Edinburgh gives plenty of shoots locations where suit all the families between early March to late in May.

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