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Preparing to become a dad

Preparing for a new baby is an amazing time and can bring a new Mum & Dad much closer together. There are many shopping trips and classes to attend, discussions of baby names, will you or wont you find out if baby is a boy or a girl and how will you paint the room!

It can no doubt bring added pressure on both sides, in this blog we are going to focus on this from the perspective of new Dad’s and show that it is a very emotional time for them too that can affect their MENtal health.

It is very overwhelming for new Dads when you are preparing to bring a new life into the world. I recall being very excited and worried at the same time! Thoughts of what we need to buy, what do we need to get ready, what do I need to do to make sure Mum has everything she needs, worrying about how everything is when you can't be together, am I ready ?, and what other things to expect. It can be an emotional rollercoaster and most men being men, will not communicate that it is affecting them and their mental health. Thankfully there is much more awareness of these issues nowadays and a number of helpful social media and websites that will help new Dads put things back into perspective. Searching facebook for “New mums” and “new dads'' will bring up a number of groups with helpful tips,

I found that “DadPad” was very helpful and gives Dads to be all the information of what to expect, what all the terms mean, what happens when you see the midwife and lots of other help. "The DadPad app is also available as a free download in areas of the country where the local NHS Trust has commissioned it. Visit, click on the relevant app store for your device, download the app and enter your postcode to find if it's available for you."

You can purchase this guide from Amazon here.

You can look for classes and activities new Mum’s & Dad’s can do together such as local antenatal classes, Baby first aid classes with companies such as “Mini first aid”. Going to baby events held by companies such as john lewis or the big baby shows like “The baby show” or “The baby & toddler show” who will usually offer discounts on much needed baby products, making time to go for scans together weather it be with the standard scans at the hospital or 4D scans with companies such as “Window to the womb”.

Having a maternity or newborn photo shoot with us can also be a perfect bonding experience and will create lasting memories that will be cherished forever. All of these things will bring Mum & Dad together and help Dad to not feel left out of the loop which can happen especially as new Grandmas will want to help as much as possible!

There is a lot of help online for New Mum’s & Dad’s with regards to mental health especially from websites such as or .

Remember that asking questions is a sign of strength. It is much better to catch any potential problems early.

This is an amazing time for you, remember to have fun.

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