My daughter turns 3!!

Photography for little people by John. Newborn photography and Family photo shoots across Leeds and Bradford.

I can’t believe that this weekend our daughter Emily turns three. It really has flown by and feels like yesterday that we brought her home from hospital, all quiet and tiny.

So I’ve hung up my camera for the day, stopped taking newborn photographs across Leeds and rolled my sleeves up, donned my apron and set about making her birthday cake.

But not just any birthday cake, oh no!

For the past 3 months (since her brother's birthday) she has been very vocal in her demands for a ‘Unicorn cake’ as like so many other little girls, she is OBSESSED with the things!

Unicorn bedding, unicorn t-shirts, unicorn leggings, unicorn bags, unicorn socks, unicorn coat, the list goes on.

Now I could just go and buy one, but where's the fun in that? Words I may soon come to regret as I think back to my own childhood and my mother violently throwing my sister’s half finished my little pony castle cake out the window in a fit of rage before giving up and buying some minging frozen thing from Iceland (it was the 80’s, everyone did it).

Thankfully I quite like cooking (mainly because I like the eating part) and had I not been a photographer, I think I would have liked to have been some sort of chef. But not a pastry chef though, deserts and cakes aren’t really my thing (why am I making a birthday cake again?).

It occurred to me that cooking and photography are very similar; most of us do both ourselves at home every single day. So why do we still visit fine dining restaurants, and book photographers to take baby photos?

Even when you have a recipe, know how to use a camera, or have looked at some youtube videos (by the way if anyone knows a good one for a unicorn cake then let me know) it’s the attention to detail, the finishing touches, the presentation, the customer service, and the years of experience that you just can’t replicate at home.

Not to mention the fact that there’s no washing/tidying up to do!

And finally here’s a picture of the finished article, it took forever, is just about recognisable as a unicorn if you squint your eyes and look at it through a glass of water, and the kitchen looks like the aftermath of celebrity cake off but It did at least taste awesome!

Next time, I think I’ll find a cake maker!