Life as a working parent during lockdown

Bradford and Leeds family photographer

A familiar lockdown scene in homes across the UK.

The past 3 months have been interesting to say the least. Educating, entertaining and generally looking after the little ones, whilst simultaneously attempting (or is that pretending) to work from home has not been easy at the best of times, but now that moment we all feared since the start of lockdown has finally arrived; yes the weather has taken turn for the worse! Now we’re all trapped indoors together, climbing the walls listening to peppa pig and number blocks on constant repeat in a futile effort to stop the kids from seriously injuring themselves and prevent the house and it’s contents from being destroyed (we’re failing miserably on that front by the way).

Its certainly not helped when you see the images posted online from the perfect parent, who (since lockdown began) has seemingly taught their 5 year old to read and write in 3 different languages, effortlessly construct a croque en bouche that would make Raymond Blanc cry, and write a musical masterpiece to rival anything created by Mozart or Beethoven. So it’s therefore inevitable that on a parenting front, lockdown has at times left us feeling like an abject failure.

Thankfully, I know we’re not the only ones, and there is at least some comfort in knowing that we’re all in it together (how many times has that been banded about during the last few weeks). It’s moments like this that we all need a bit of light relief, which is why I created a follow up to our first family lockdown portrait. Like the first image, I felt It was important to create something that not only reflected our own lockdown experience juggling the impossible demands of children, work and more, but also something that other parents could relate to during these strange times.

Hopefully this puts a smile on your face, and I’m sure when we all look back on this period in a few years time we will wonder just how we survived with our sanity intact! So keep going, and remember you’re not alone.