So here we go again, Lockdown 3! Lockdown due to Coronavirus has us all isolated, maybe feeling a bit lost, missing our friends and family and all the stuff we usually take for granted. You may have just had a new baby or expecting a little one any time.

Many families contact me daily, worried they will miss out on being able to experience a professional newborn photoshoot and have the chance to treasure those early images. This may seem irrelevant at this time during the pandemic, however it’s important to many families and feelings whatever they are, need to be recognised and acknowledged. They are how you feel at that moment in time.

How can I help?

Read on to find out my top tips for photographing your baby at home yourself! Newborn babies are only little for such a short time, so take the opportunity now to capture some beautiful memories.

Do take a look at the video I made during Lockdown 1 which shows posing with a doll and how to use the available light you will have at home.

What you should know?

Professional newborn photographers are highly skilled and trained in posing babies safely and capturing beautiful images, so you won’t be able to achieve the same results as I can with my years of experience. I have specialised in photographing new babies for over 15 years now. You won’t have the same camera, and lighting that I use and you won’t be able to professionally edit your images either.

BUT I can help you to achieve the best results with the equipment you do have. A mobile phone will do just fine!

When should I photograph my baby?

I recommend taking your baby’s photographs within the first week or two of baby being born. Babies are more sleepy in the first 7 to 14 days after birth, so you will stand a far better chance of settling them and capturing a few cute images. Pre Covid I would always have babies booked for their newborn photo shoot under 10 days.

Where should I photograph my baby?

Anywhere in your house that’s near a window and is warm. Try and place your baby right next to a window, but NOT in direct sunlight. If it’s a cloudy day, that’s perfect. You want to angle baby so that their head is pointing more towards the light (towards the window). I have a lovely patio window which you will see in my “How to” video which is perfect. DON’T point baby’s feet towards the window, try to be aware of the lighting you have. We want to aim to highlight beautifully your gorgeous new baby’s face.

What should I lay baby on?

Lay baby on their back onto a nice comfy blanket on the floor. I used rolled up towels under a nice blanket. Keep the background plain and simple.

What should I dress baby in?

I like to keep my photographs neutral and simple in the studio, this will give you a timeless image that will last a lifetime. Often baby clothes are big and bulky and get in the way, so you could remove these distractions and have baby just in their nappy. You could then drape some fabric over them, if you want to add a bit of colour or to cover them a little. Remember to keep baby warm, turn that heating up higher than you normally would have it. Rule of thumb, if you have a jumper on, its too cold to take your baby’s clothes off.

What else can I do?

You could try to lie baby on their side and tuck their hand under their chin. This pose takes a bit more patience and practice, so don’t worry about trying to get it perfect or if baby doesn’t want to settle like this (they often don’t!). Remember to keep baby’s face uncovered at all times and don’t lie them face down. You should also be careful to make sure they don’t roll off anything you have placed them on.

Things to remember

Go at your baby’s pace and enjoy this time together.

Please don’t attempt to pose baby in anything but these simple poses, as it’s really important that anyone doing this is trained in newborn posing, before attempting these.

A good time could be mid morning when the lighting is nicer and baby should be a little more settled after breakfast and ideally sleepy for you!

Priority Booking List NOW Open

Many families book their newborn shoots following their scan as spaces are limited and I am currently taking bookings for baby’s due in June 2021. I have a priority booking list for families who wish to capture these early memories as soon as we can reopen the studio following Lockdown. If you would like to be added to this priority list:

Good luck and please share your results with me on my Facebook page here;

Have fun!